Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Weekend

Ooh. 4 out of 5 nights drinking since Thursday. Average:4 beers a night. Definitely lots of toxins. Haven't done this since graduate school and yeah slowing down in age has a lot to do with it.. I need today to recover from the weekend alone.

Few notes:

I've missed Fleet Week the first two years living in this town and I walked into one bar last week and marines, sailors galore. I m glad I got to experience it this year. They're fun.

To soldiers and conscientious objectors: *raises a pint of beer* Cheers.

To war: The hell with you.

Char and I saw a Yankee/Red Sox game last Friday in LES. During the game, I had to go and tap my kidneys so I'm anxiously waiting in the line and my brain is flooded with piss. Several moments later, something smashed into back of my knee. I twirled around ready to defend myself and found a surly bus boy swinging a dishwasher tray at me and saying something.

2 1/2 years living in this town suffering abuse from hearie morons who waste their energy yelling behind my back to move, I've had enough. I snarled and clamped my hands onto my ears and said "DEAF!", jabbing my thumb on my chest. The bus boy stared at me then once he collected his wits, retorted by gesturing with a big dose of patronizing, for me to move. Asshole. Usually I get satisfaction by telling, calmly, to red faces of hearie that I'm deaf and the red angry faces would transform into disgust/guilty looks.

I kept shooting dirty looks and made sure to MOVE for him.

Memorial weekend: official start of the Summer. Weather's decent now, finally. Onwards!

Friday, May 27, 2005


What is it with hearing people (mostly men) and the archaic sign for BS (you know bull's head on one elbow and hand on the other depicting fart). They seem to have committed the sign to memory. I asked one last night, where did you see it? He replied that he saw it some movie eons ago and couldn't remember who the actors were. It's a good bar convo but really..!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Member of NAD

As of today, May 25, 2005 I became a member of National Association of the Deaf. Might as well make my comments/complaints legit. In summer of 2003, I attended Empire State Association of the Deaf's Miss Deaf New York Pageant and one of the presenters was Region III or something like it (will need to review on that, sorry) representative for NAD. I wish I have a better memory of that night. I confronted her afterwards during meet'n'greet or some sitch and she noted my comment and asked me if I'm a NAD or ESAD member.. I replied no, and she.. What did she really say, what did I really say? Crud. Something about not enough deaf people are supporting the NAD executive office and its goals, something something. I commented that folks might be more particular to their regional issues as opposed to the office on Thayer Avenue or street? in Silver Springs, Maryland. Robert D Kaplan's "The Empire Wilderness: Travels into America's Future" where Americans in other time zones didn't really give a flying fig about issues emanating from the Capitol Hill and the Canadians felt the same about Ottawa.. Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Montana would have more of regional relationship (economics, travel, common culture etcetc) with British Columbia... New Mexico and Arizona with northern Mexican states.. That sort of thing. Makes sense anyway really struck a chord with me when I read it at the time. Back to the point - NAD could function better as a decentralized office with stronger regional support... The representative didn't exactly warm up to that. So pleasantries exchanged and eagerly moved on with other events.

Living in Ireland and my travels meeting folks in the UK and German speaking countries, there's less apathy for deaf unity, working for common cause (recognition for sign language for example - as I understand it, BSL is now recognized as one of he official languages whereas ASL is recognized as a foreign language. Then again, the Americans are funny about foreigners.) over there than here for obvious reasons. The countries are smaller almost more coherent where we're a big ass country, nearly 3,000 miles wide and about 2000 miles across. Common unity? The Liberal, WASPy/Jewish northeast, the Bible Belt where Dubya's word is gospel, the South, the uptight Midwest varmint who know nothing other than evangelical, and the laid back West. Better regional than nationwide.

Last month, I attended NYC Civic association of the Deaf NYCAAD - they used to be strong with city issues and now trying to get its footing. July, see-see. I feel nice becoming more involved in community issues. Yes, closed captioning access, justices chosen for the district federal court are important, but I don't hear much of regional reps making noise as Kelby Brick does.

So - I signed up for my voice to be legit at NAD. Now I shall find out who the Northeast Regional Rep to see what's up there....

Monday, May 23, 2005


"Every F ag Will Wave" NYC 2012

Spotted the MTA bus downtown with the NYC promotional poster on its side.


If left alone, it begins to simmer. Little annoying things add to the simmer transpiring into boiling resentments. But the top are left on to contain the steam from the cauldron.

Indirect provocations adds to the boil, the top dancing a bit to stopper some of the vent.

Actual face to face chat. Snarling and temptation to bite is constrained under a film sheen of extreme politeness.

Person makes a funny comment. Top dancing halts. Boiling transcends into simmer. There is now a stillness of exhausted hot water.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star Wars

Revenge of the Sith

After being extremely disappointed with The phantom Menance and The Attack of the Clones (did I get that right?), Revenge left me feeling awed.

Lucas could afford and not to care if the first two movies tanked because 1) people would still see it at least once (me) to get the story and 2) he can afford it with his CGI, I mean, Lucasfilm Empire.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

According to Harry Potter's author, J.K. Rowling, the upcoming sixth book of the HP series, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, part of the story orginated in deleted edits of the second book, Chamber of Secrets. Firstly, Rowling insisted that the Half Prince is not Harry Potter or Vor, *gasp, stutter* Volde- *shudders in fear* He Who Must Not Be Named... Oh sod it all - the Dark Lord *shudder*Voldemort. Whew, that was quite a struggle to mention the Dark Lord's name.

As part of character development to further deepen the story lines, Rowling intended to write about Dean Thomas' background as a half Muggle (his dad left the family - the Muggle mother reckons that the dad might've been a wizard) and Draco Malfoy's friendship with Theodore McNott as their fathers were Death Eaters while Voldemort *wheezing shudder* was in power. The younger McNott is introduced (to best of my memory) in the fifth book, Order of the Phoenix shortly after the Wizard World's version of Enquirer tabliod released Harry's interview.

In reference to Chamber of Secrets some fan sites (Muggle.net and HPANA) say that Godric Gryffindor or Salazar Slytherin, two of the four founders of the school may make an appearance in the Half Blood. The other day, while surfing one of the fan sites discussing the upcoming book (yes I do have a life!) , many Potter faniacs are trying to grasps all facts gathered from the first 5 books made a reference about how often Harry's green eyes were compared to his mother's. One faniac theoried that Lily Potter may be a rare "Seer" (as opposed to the loveable fradulent Sybil Trelawney) and Harry may possess the skill. I would very much like to point out that Harry and Voldemort (o-ooh) recognized their mental like via the scar. Get a life y'all and enjoy the story like every other person.

Before I conclude the entry - friends and I continue to debate who may be the Half Blood Prince.

Hagrid - it is now revealed that he is half giant along with having a tiny wizard father. His mother was some sort of queen of a giant tribe.

Gawp - Hagrid's half brother who is a Giant.

Dean Thomas

Salazar Slytherin - he, along with students at the Slytherin House, and Voldemort are bent on pure-blood Wizards by keeping filthy muggles and "mudbloods" out of the proper wizarding world, he may be a half blood as Voldemort is.

anyone else?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Promise. Should. Ought to. Do it. What is the proper word to set a light under one's ass to DO IT? I've led a relatively comfortable and sheltered life (no complaints, mom and dad..) have a safety net to fall back on if something happens. As every other person, I gained independence in varying degrees that I allowed myself during my 20's (college, part time jobs, grad school, and so on. I became financially independent from my parents at age 26. I am lucky, yes.

Yet I'm too comfortable and cynical to apply my education, skills, wit, and energy to what ails this city, country, hemisphere, and the planet. I wake up in my very comfortable futon bed cocooned into my down blanket, drag myself out to make coffee and nibbles. Shower, dress, and go to work. I work with a very disadvantaged population here in the city so it really consumes my energy. I used to see my job as an emotional and intellectual quagmire. I go out see friends, date, read books, watch tv, see movies, and party. Once in a while I'd attend meetings or protests to get involved with a cause. And go home, crawl back to bed and have decent sleep.

But I flit in and out of causes.

In high school and college I had anti social tendencies, preferring to stick with a small band of friends being very passive. I wanted to complete my BA and get out of dodge.

Graduate school and years I've been living here in NYC I made up for the loss of *real* social life that I lacked prior to being 25. It was a very difficult transition from age 25 to 26, from full fledged deaf world into nearly all hearing world and back to deaf. I can't any more prouder and content with myself. *pats self on shoulder* good girl, Kate!

Point: I've studied about 7 years of government, international relations, and community development with people with disabilities. I've had passionate and brilliant moments. I did a thesis on deaf and HoH asylum seekers/refugees with US and UK policies, a 'proposed' model for deaf and people with disabilities to help post-war Iraqi back on track as a proper country. Yet I feel like my job (rewarding and not rewarding depending on how well the day go and whether I have mettle or not) is plenty.

I would have to find something to return the fire in me. Ridor's blog mentioned that the Bush administration is cutting away at services aimed at prepping disadvantaged deaf and people with disabilities into mainstream society (jobs and what have you). I'm too annoyed with Bush's actions and that s a whole different blog post altogether.

Now that I have a snazzy new laptop I shall make good use out of it and my training and energy ready to be resurrected.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Invincibleness : Going, Going, and Gone..

As years tick by, the more aches you get. Childhood years well into young 20's, one can undertake physical demands and suffer few hours of pain. Now, as the body ages (and more inactivity I grant), the bod takes longer to heal. The other night, few friends and I went bowling to celebrate my twenty ninth year on this godforsaken planet. We consumed some liquor and barely as the event mandated. The more bolloxed I became, the harder I tried to bowl a strike since it's been years since I bowled last. Two days later, my arms and hamstring still creak and protest whenever I stand, sit down or walk. Carrying two boxes then a large laundry bag up three flights of stairs within few hours didn't help. Carried more laundry this morning. Real bright, huh?

I need to keep moving to make the aches go away. Been climbing stairs and moving about. May need to go swimming over the weekend (that is if my muscles doesn't seize up and I drown in 4 feet of water) to get the muscles straightened out. Then invest some time in hot tub with massage water jets ;).

*creak* oy. oy. *stretch* ow - I might as well be placed on a medieval rack and survive questioning about my attempts to coup the Gracie Mansion.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Munson's Diner and Their French Toast Will be Sorely (and Hungrily) Missed

Munson's Diner is was located on Far West Side, few blocks from my apartment. I've been going there since I first moved to the area in Spring 2003. Cheap and good food. French toast with eggs and bacon for less than 5 bucks. I ate there nearly every weekend and the waiters eventually stopped asking me for the menu. During the Blackout - I got locked out of my apartment and left a note with a friend to meet at the diner to get my damn keys. Reliable. Had coffee and toast with the power being out and all. I brought a date there once and he dissed the place. How dare he. Good bye! Next!

September 2004, I despaired. The door and windows were boarded up.

Caught the news several days ago that it is being moved upstate. Sure enough I went outside to look - it was distended from the building and ready to be propped onto a flatbed. According to an article I found today, the business had dwindled and Volvo dealership had bought the space but didn't have a heart to tear it down.


Farewell, my old friend :(

Matthew McConaughey

Saw the OC movie, Sahara last night at the Lincoln Center. Storywise, it's okay - bit of an adventure and fluff to make the movie tolerable to enjoy. The movie reminded me somewhat of Indiana Jones..

There ought to be a new category of Oscar noms and recognition for Matt's exalted body. . Shining white teeth as a mirage in the desert.. You could wash your undies on his washboard abs.

ay me

other commendable bods to mention: Will Smith (the shower scene) in I, Robot and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the first X-Men movie.

Anyone else? :)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cinco de Mayo

In 1860's a rag tag army of poor Mexican peasants defeated the juggernaut French Army on this day.

Afternoon siestas do help...