Saturday, September 23, 2006

props from "the science of sleep"

I can't begin to explain it. Friend and I discussed about seeing "The Science of Sleep", a film starring Gael Garcia Bemal that is being released this weekend. However, the languages spoken are Spanish, French, and English. Not sure how big portion of the movie is spoken in English. We decide to wait for DVD release until friend discovers this mind-blowing exhibition about props used in the film. We are going to go see the film just because it looks really trippy. The man who wrote the screenplay "A Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" Michael Gondry created another movie blurring the line between reality and dream (I think). Click on the title of post for more information on the exhibition that is currently on display at the Deitch Gallery in Soho (runs til Sept 30).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

should i steal something to be in the system?

I'm at a state office waiting for my fingerprinting appointment. My sixth appointment in nine months. Working in a direct care environment entails fingerprinting to protect consumers. I'm fortunate to be hired right before the merger occured with a bigger agency. The particular agency requires fingerprinting which is fine with me. Albany isn't accepting my fingerprinting results, citing "not clear prints". All staff I work with and hired have been cleared to work. Nine months in the job, there s a joke that I should rob a bank so I can get into the system so least Albany would see my fingerprints. Oy.

Erfo and I were doing a small art project few weeks ago. We swapped tales and battles to perfect a coloring technique. One thing in common is our use of fingers to blend colors with pastel chalks. We would burn our fingertips to achieve a desired effect of color/shading. Mom thinks old artists like me are a threat to security after 9/11. Far as I can tell appointments run maybe 15 mins. I run maybe 45 to 90 minutes depending on policemen s patience with the fingerprinting software. On my third appointment the policeman recognized me and said "you again?". When the software failed to approve my fingerprints - "fuck this shit" he got out the ink pad and two sheets of paper. Few weeks later I hear from human resources. Albany isn't satisfied. The fifth appointment: the same policeman nearly cried from expasteration. After two failed attempts - he was on the phone with Albany arguing my case saying "she s been here five times, man. Give her a break".. Seemingly, I was in the clear all summer thinking all is finished. Mustve been a summer hiatus for Albany - I received an email from human resources about another appointment. I gave a resigned affirmation to confirm a sixth appointment.

New policeman is staring at me with a worried face - office gossip mustve caught up with him. "It s her. She s been here five times - she must be a freak, willing her fingerprinting to shift shapes."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

bon voyage, ann richards

Probably the most decent politican from Texas. Adieu

Sunday, September 10, 2006

few more Chihuly...

Chihuly at NY Botanical Gardens