Monday, October 06, 2008

Back in School - midterms already...

It's midterms now - good to be back in school full time. I think. I've only two courses this fall (not counting practicum and graduate assistantship) so I procrastinate more. I should be halfway through Micropolitcs Development take-home midterm but .. I'm taking a break. I'm eating popcorn again which I should not be - I had a toothache all weekend because a kernel was stuck in my teeth. Tonight I'll floss properly before going to bed.

It's good to be a graduate student living on Gallaudet campus - I tend to stay away from undergrads. They're pretty much half my age now (good lord) and I have no intention reliving college years. After Christmas, I'll be leaving overseas for almost five months to intern as a researcher to collect data for a NAD, as part of their leadership, training, and organizatonal capacity. Basically running around in between classes, filling out visa applications, where to get immunizations, and wonder if my rucksack should be enough or use my large LLBean luggage. I should be focusing on my take home midterm and how much popcorn are wedged between my teeth.