Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Member of NAD

As of today, May 25, 2005 I became a member of National Association of the Deaf. Might as well make my comments/complaints legit. In summer of 2003, I attended Empire State Association of the Deaf's Miss Deaf New York Pageant and one of the presenters was Region III or something like it (will need to review on that, sorry) representative for NAD. I wish I have a better memory of that night. I confronted her afterwards during meet'n'greet or some sitch and she noted my comment and asked me if I'm a NAD or ESAD member.. I replied no, and she.. What did she really say, what did I really say? Crud. Something about not enough deaf people are supporting the NAD executive office and its goals, something something. I commented that folks might be more particular to their regional issues as opposed to the office on Thayer Avenue or street? in Silver Springs, Maryland. Robert D Kaplan's "The Empire Wilderness: Travels into America's Future" where Americans in other time zones didn't really give a flying fig about issues emanating from the Capitol Hill and the Canadians felt the same about Ottawa.. Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Montana would have more of regional relationship (economics, travel, common culture etcetc) with British Columbia... New Mexico and Arizona with northern Mexican states.. That sort of thing. Makes sense anyway really struck a chord with me when I read it at the time. Back to the point - NAD could function better as a decentralized office with stronger regional support... The representative didn't exactly warm up to that. So pleasantries exchanged and eagerly moved on with other events.

Living in Ireland and my travels meeting folks in the UK and German speaking countries, there's less apathy for deaf unity, working for common cause (recognition for sign language for example - as I understand it, BSL is now recognized as one of he official languages whereas ASL is recognized as a foreign language. Then again, the Americans are funny about foreigners.) over there than here for obvious reasons. The countries are smaller almost more coherent where we're a big ass country, nearly 3,000 miles wide and about 2000 miles across. Common unity? The Liberal, WASPy/Jewish northeast, the Bible Belt where Dubya's word is gospel, the South, the uptight Midwest varmint who know nothing other than evangelical, and the laid back West. Better regional than nationwide.

Last month, I attended NYC Civic association of the Deaf NYCAAD - they used to be strong with city issues and now trying to get its footing. July, see-see. I feel nice becoming more involved in community issues. Yes, closed captioning access, justices chosen for the district federal court are important, but I don't hear much of regional reps making noise as Kelby Brick does.

So - I signed up for my voice to be legit at NAD. Now I shall find out who the Northeast Regional Rep to see what's up there....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if you're a member of NYCCAD, then you're a member of NAD... so come on down to our meeting June 3rd.

*shameless advertising here*


5/27/2005 7:45 PM  
Blogger breenie said...

i'm not a member - YET. didn't have moolah to pay the membership. will fork over the $$ in June. I pwomise!

5/28/2005 9:53 AM  

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