Monday, May 29, 2006

Union Station

When I lived in DC, I used to like to wander through Union Station in the middle of the night or around dawn when it is almost empty of tourists and some commuters. Took the pics in the day time, sorry :(

I did look for a certain homeless woman - she was large, had a bleached face with striped tattoos on her cheeks, wore dark sunglasses and a turban. She hung around the front of US and resided in one of the bathrooms. Anyone remember her? Last time I saw her was in 2001 - I think the first time I noticed her was maybe mid 90s. I didn't look very long so I either missed her or she's moved to a different place.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Capitol and the Mall

There's the good ol monument. Take your interpretation :)

some new additions - the Museum of American Indian (not right name I can't recall). I planned to go, but time was short - the line was too long. Ppft. Some other time. There's also the WWII memorial - it's not as monstrous as I thought it would be but I thought it was okay.

Both my grandfathers fought in the Pacific (as every other person in my generation whose grandparent went). So bit of respect from my end. I think one of my great uncles flew a bomber over Germany.

The supreme court in the bottom: if you open the picture and read the inscription it's easy to chortle. I've read somewhere that in the past 200 odd years the courts always have been ideological siding or going against the executive branch. Nixon (or was it LBJ) and how he sneered at Warren's Court.


I've visited DC sporadically since I left in summer of 2001. Maybe once or twice a year - usually straight into Gallaudet and out. The weather was great and I had no set agenda so I decided to "backpack" around the Capitol and into the Mall for the afternoon. My rucksack was maybe 30-40 pounds so it was quite a workout. I have an abrasion on my left hip - note to self: do not wear low rider pants and hip length shirt. The belt strap from my rucksack rubbing against my hip for almost two miles in three hours.

Since it's a pain uploading pictures with text - I'm uploading the pics in the next post..


spent a few days at my childhood home. it rained the whole time and it was chilly so I spent most of the time sleeping, eating, watching TV and minding the dogs. I couldn't enjoy the backyard being it too wet. Took pictures of some of my favorite parts of the backyard: the rear view of the house, the crab apple tree (how I could spend hours as a kid throwing apples at the barn wall), the lilac trees are in bloom, the view of the backyard from the kitchen window. And there's my dad grilling the steak in the rain. It was a locally grown beef so the grill must come out. And it was delicious!

leaving greater new york

at the beginning of my vacation - I met up with my parents who flew into JFK from their vacation and we were stuck on the LIE for an hour or so. When we crossed Whitestone Bridge into the Bronx, the traffic improved vastly. Took some pictures and there was rain in NYC skyline. Very cool.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pictures of creative and thoughtful gifts

My grandmother is so cool. She couldn't find something fitting for 30, so she got a card for a three year old and scribbled in the '0'. I love it!

Surdus illustrated this lovely card and the envelope that came with it "knob". I'm all verklempt!

Debra and I share a favorite author, Caleb Carr, who wrote "Alienist" and its sequel, "Angel of Darkness". He has a new one out now about Sherlock Holmes and Watson. "The Italian Secretary".
Can't wait to read it!

There are still more to come. I'm curious about Deafening Chameleon who made a picket board for BPN with a picture of us.

Thanks to all who were part of my becoming 30 - I'm truly touched!!

My 30!

Had a good and hard week, professionally and personally. In the late hours of my birthday I spent it in the psych ER with a consumer. The next day, the work day calmed down considerably but plenty to wrap up before the week's end. I had a lovely dinner with some friends at a Cajun place called Delta Grill near home. Some folks backed out near the end which I didn't mind as dinner became more smaller and intimate. And I'll see those folks thus extending my birthday :). I started fading when we headed out to the bar, Perdition on 10th Avenue. More people showed up and it was a very mellow evening. The events of this week took a toll on my poor psyche and I became more preoccupied about my tour at the MET on the following day (it ended up a rousing success as I was too tired to be nervous and self-conscious.

I'm fortunate to have friends and family who are thoughtful and creative with their gifts and there are more still to come.

I got locked out *again* so the morning was pretty grim as I was so NOT dressed for work and I didn't have anything on me but laundry stuff and pager. After meeting up a roommate several blocks away, I quickly got ready for work. I noticed my roommate's dog was acting strangely and I told him to shush. He also wanted to leave when I was trying to leave for work. I was backing out the door and nearly fell on my ass on something. It was a lovely bouquet from my sister and her family. It really put a smile on my face. Thanks, Trace!

Friday, May 05, 2006

DPN - not

I've been a bad alumnus - haven't really followed Gallaudet events since I graduated and eventually left DC.

IJK cruised into presidency in 1988 by good ol' fashioned civil rights and students speaking out. All expected a new era of Deaf rights. ADA was mitigated by not only the actions from DPN but from Deaf Way. IJK thanked us by giving JKF the presidency post by flawed means.

It's more of ideological culture wars as opposed to one by principle. Unfortunately with the media it appears to be more of culture wars.. I don't even know WHY JKF got this post because she has nada charmisa and her perception of how an education institution should be run is way off.

protests continue... *waiting with baited breath*