Friday, May 06, 2005

Munson's Diner and Their French Toast Will be Sorely (and Hungrily) Missed

Munson's Diner is was located on Far West Side, few blocks from my apartment. I've been going there since I first moved to the area in Spring 2003. Cheap and good food. French toast with eggs and bacon for less than 5 bucks. I ate there nearly every weekend and the waiters eventually stopped asking me for the menu. During the Blackout - I got locked out of my apartment and left a note with a friend to meet at the diner to get my damn keys. Reliable. Had coffee and toast with the power being out and all. I brought a date there once and he dissed the place. How dare he. Good bye! Next!

September 2004, I despaired. The door and windows were boarded up.

Caught the news several days ago that it is being moved upstate. Sure enough I went outside to look - it was distended from the building and ready to be propped onto a flatbed. According to an article I found today, the business had dwindled and Volvo dealership had bought the space but didn't have a heart to tear it down.

Farewell, my old friend :(


Blogger Ridor said...

I is the love that diner -- they make good greasy bacons and sausage, pancake and all that -- when I visited your home for the first time -- eating at that diner was truly the classic NYC diner.


Me is the sad!


5/14/2005 12:06 AM  

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