Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back in the Urban - Washington, DC

My laptop is pulled close to me on my desk with my face leaning in and my eyes squinting. I realized I'd not given myself a facial in quite a while and now's a good time as any. So I'm not wearing my glasses, not desiring the frames to be smudged by the facial clay.

So! I'm back in Washington, D.C., on campus of Gallaudet University. I was happily ensconced in the Rural for so long and using the FaceBook and the University's BlackBoard to express my thoughts and maintain contact with my friends and colleagues, that I neglected to post entries here.

My eight months in the Rural was pretty uneventual - getting to know my parents again, contributing to the household chores, studying courses online, and holding a part-time job outside the village. To get to work, I bought a road bike using my tax rebate money from LL Bean. The agency I worked for is nearly a mile and half outside the village and I had to scale two huge hills, alongside speeding cars and 18 wheelers. After three or four weeks of adjusting the 21 speeds and walking up the hill with the bike feeling like a loser, I finally rode up both hills without getting off. I was so proud of myself! It went on for another couple months until mid-summer allergies (leading to a nasty common cold in the last week of work) rendered me incapable to breathe properly while pedaling up the hill. I was so disappointed to use the county shuttle bus that ran at intervals of two hours. It was that or gasp my lung out and fall into the path of an incoming car.

For my second year in graduate study, I moved back to D.C. after seven years away to attend classes on campus, to start my practicum and work as graduate assistant. It took a while to readjust to being back - long as I avoid the undergraduates (I'm so over that chapter in my life) I'm able to enjoy interacting with my fellow graduate students and reap the benefits Gallaudet has to offer.

The humidity here still blows.