Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow Attack On Thanksgiving Walkabout..

The Buchner clan took their usual post-dinner-pre-pie walk around part of town. Unbeknownist to most of the people with their stomaches full of sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes to name a few, a large mass of grey and white was lurking behind one valley. Mere moments later, the fog mass rolled and cruised along the top of a field so admired by the clan, pelted them with swift and wet snow. Snow blanketed the unfortunate Buchners especially those without protective hats and scarves. The clan scurried home in a distance of 5 blocks. Upon arrival at the home, paper towels were quickly dispensed to wipe off snow sodden hair and faces. Several minutes after achieving refuge, the snow stopped. The clan subsquently enjoyed the delectable pies that would make Martha envious. Pumpkin, cherry, chocolate ice cream moouse pie, and apple to name a few. The pies never tasted so delicious.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sarah: Friend, Colleague, and Roommate

At the hospital when I first sent the page to anyone I could think of about Sarah’s sudden death, the expected responses were “It can’t be” and “this is a joke, right?”. The largest percentage of responses I received via page, email, AIM, and in person – I should’ve seen it coming - were: “That’s impossible – we were talking ‘til 3 am last night and she was fine!!”.

Sarah valued her friends everyday. She usually talked to someone on pager or on line – I can’t begin to fathom how many people Sarah talked to each day. She appreciated people from all walks of life and made attempts to learn about their culture and even, languages. Sarah also had the gift of the gab – the stamina and energy to carry conversations on line and in person. Sarah used her inexhaustive supply of skills to help her friends with PR, as an editor and provided logisitical support for their businesses and projects.

I am sure it is the same for everyone else – she made a dent in my life. She transferred to my 6th grade class and put up with my SEE communication methods and my arrogance that the “hearing impaired” mainstreamed program we attended in the Guilderland school district was the best. And I didn’t know there were certified and non certified interpreters. She was also my first girl friend.. The last three years it was me and Chris and I took every opportunity to torture (payback) Chris with Sarah. The summer after sixth grade, she introduced me to Camp Isola Bella, the Deaf Mecca for me at the time. After seventh grade, Sarah moved to Connecticut so it was Chris and I again, albeit more mature. Fast forward 3 years – I visited Sarah at MSSD and ended up transferring there the following fall.

After high school, we pretty much parted ways and reconnected shortly after 9/11. I was back in the States for Christmas holiday from graduate school and I’d found out she was working for New York Society for the Deaf. She encouraged me to seek employment after I completed my graduate studies. I decided to move to New York as opposed to returning to DC where I’d lived for seven years.

I worked with Sarah for 2 years at NYSD before she left to pursue MSW studies at NYU. It was a great opportunity to see her work and interact with deaf adults with developmental disabilities with addiction problems, and those recovering from 9/11 and lastly case management. Sarah had immense patience with the most difficult of clients and was very knowledgeable of resources to meet most of their needs. I was also blown away by her ability to empathize and keeping her wits about her – the population is not easy to work with. She also knew her limits yet she compensated for them. She was my crutch and I came to her about questions and tools to help clients. She provided no shortage of useful advice and ideas.

Sarah decided to further challenge herself by applying for NYU’s prestigious Masters of Social Work program and she thrived on it. Sarah, for the first time was really able to utilize the education and skills from the 9 years she gained from the social services field. She wowed her professors, her classmates, and agencies she interned with. For a first in this town, Sarah constructed a Comprehensive New York City Access Resource Guide for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf Blind (2004 Edition). Sarah was a rising star and had so much to contribute to the Social Work field. She had ideas to improve infrastructure for social services for and by the deaf people. I joked that she ought to be a consult or a ‘plumber’ to fix agencies nation wide and she said, “No, I prefer to focus on New York City.” She recognized that even though NYC had short comings providing services for the deaf, et cetera, she knew that the city's diverse population would be complemented by the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind professionals.

Sarah had dignity in the best and worst situation – that is rare.

I've been roommates with Sarah for just over two years now - she was certainly one of my better ones. I thank her for lending an ear (or eye?) to my whineging and dispensing some advice. We were each other's soundboards, personally and professionally.

Sarah lived her life to the fullest and I wish her best of luck with her endeavors, wherever she is.

The name Sarah is derived from Hebrew meaning “Princess”. Sarah is truly the People’s Princess.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Been clocking in some good ol' much needed relaxation..didn't realize how much STUMPS took a toll on my overall wellbeing.

"Constantine" - decent story and champ special effects.. nowhere near painful as the Kung Fu Hustle.

"Parent Trap" remake with Lindsay Lohan.. she was a freckled 11 year old when she reprised the role(s) Hayley Mills became famous for. Natasha Richardson is no Maureen O'Hara for sure.

Have yet to see "Bride and Prejudice" a Bollywood version of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". I like the A&E with dreamy Colin Firth as D'Arcy and Jennifer Ehle as Liz. The current 2005 remake with Kiera Knightley? Please. Attractive/okay looking women by society's standards rules...

Monday, November 14, 2005

New York Chick Cab Driver

Via Metro NY newspaper, I found this amazing blog. I've read quite a few posts and it's excellent.

I am linking this..

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Been pining for rural lately.. course it's nigh near impossible to have at least 10 square feet of green grass to yourself in this town.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Voting Day

As a dutiful patriotic, democratic lovin' blue American (take that you red bastards!), I voted. Well I wish I made time to be more informed about those who I voted for..


If you rely on coffee to orient yourself in the morning, do not, NOT vote without drinking coffee first.

I voted for Bloomy!!

I hope Ferrer wins.. then again.. maybe a moderate Republican is meant to run this city... Rudy and Bloomy revitalized this city and changed Times Square into Disneyland.

The poor and working class are being driven out by higher prices *same old music* so to work in Manhattan, they'd have to travel from the furthermost corners from the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, ferried across the waters from the Jersey shores and Staten Island..

Different issue - the rat race of this city, a large population plus tourists to serve, people are always overwhelmed. This city can provide resources for nearly all walks of life but not enough. Want to see more of that.. Only when people really take the time...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Doonesbury Withdrawn Scripts..

This was if Harriet Miers had made it to confirmation rounds... Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

less hooligans and fighting fer sure..

found this off's sex quirks dated September 28th...

Giant World Cup brothel opens

A giant brothel set to cater for tens of thousands of football fans at next year's World Cup in Germany is opening its doors in Berlin.

Built just yards from the main stadium, its owner believes the three-storey Artemis brothel will be a big hit with World Cup visitors.

Norman Jacob, lawyer for the private investor who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "Football and sex go together extremely well."

Prostitutes wanting to use the facility also have to pay £50 to "rent" a room there for three months. For that price they get free meals and access to the Artemis gym.

Prostitutes negotiate their own fees with clients who must also pay an entrance fee of £50 to enter the complex, which has rooms for more than 100 girls as well as a sauna and lap dancing bar.


Would've made sense to install a whorehouse and burlesque show outside the Capitol Hill.. They'd get their work done faster.... - kb