Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pictures of creative and thoughtful gifts

My grandmother is so cool. She couldn't find something fitting for 30, so she got a card for a three year old and scribbled in the '0'. I love it!

Surdus illustrated this lovely card and the envelope that came with it "knob". I'm all verklempt!

Debra and I share a favorite author, Caleb Carr, who wrote "Alienist" and its sequel, "Angel of Darkness". He has a new one out now about Sherlock Holmes and Watson. "The Italian Secretary".
Can't wait to read it!

There are still more to come. I'm curious about Deafening Chameleon who made a picket board for BPN with a picture of us.

Thanks to all who were part of my becoming 30 - I'm truly touched!!


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