Saturday, May 13, 2006

My 30!

Had a good and hard week, professionally and personally. In the late hours of my birthday I spent it in the psych ER with a consumer. The next day, the work day calmed down considerably but plenty to wrap up before the week's end. I had a lovely dinner with some friends at a Cajun place called Delta Grill near home. Some folks backed out near the end which I didn't mind as dinner became more smaller and intimate. And I'll see those folks thus extending my birthday :). I started fading when we headed out to the bar, Perdition on 10th Avenue. More people showed up and it was a very mellow evening. The events of this week took a toll on my poor psyche and I became more preoccupied about my tour at the MET on the following day (it ended up a rousing success as I was too tired to be nervous and self-conscious.

I'm fortunate to have friends and family who are thoughtful and creative with their gifts and there are more still to come.

I got locked out *again* so the morning was pretty grim as I was so NOT dressed for work and I didn't have anything on me but laundry stuff and pager. After meeting up a roommate several blocks away, I quickly got ready for work. I noticed my roommate's dog was acting strangely and I told him to shush. He also wanted to leave when I was trying to leave for work. I was backing out the door and nearly fell on my ass on something. It was a lovely bouquet from my sister and her family. It really put a smile on my face. Thanks, Trace!


Blogger Maggie the Mutt said...

Happy 30th Kate ;)

Its an old friend and mutural friend of Guthrie and Sarah Pack
PsII. Your an awsome Scribe!

5/16/2006 1:51 PM  

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