Saturday, May 27, 2006

Capitol and the Mall

There's the good ol monument. Take your interpretation :)

some new additions - the Museum of American Indian (not right name I can't recall). I planned to go, but time was short - the line was too long. Ppft. Some other time. There's also the WWII memorial - it's not as monstrous as I thought it would be but I thought it was okay.

Both my grandfathers fought in the Pacific (as every other person in my generation whose grandparent went). So bit of respect from my end. I think one of my great uncles flew a bomber over Germany.

The supreme court in the bottom: if you open the picture and read the inscription it's easy to chortle. I've read somewhere that in the past 200 odd years the courts always have been ideological siding or going against the executive branch. Nixon (or was it LBJ) and how he sneered at Warren's Court.


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