Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Attack of Tiny Phlegms

Not getting much better. Probably all the NYC dust that's accumulated into my respiratory system is blocking the healing process. Ever since I moved here in late 2002 I don't get sick as often. In DC and Limerick, colds (and so rarely a flu) are commonplace yet in most times I'm able to function daily. Here it just knocks me off my ass when I do get sick. Especially in the environment you work in is poorly ventilated and someone getting sick is not something you can shrug off.

The weekend before the last I was struck by a stomach bug. After couple days I was able to eat real food. I may have celebrated too early. I had a lovely dinner at a French bistro in ABC city and got properly hammered several hours later in the spirit of Saint Patrick's. Then there was the hangover delay which was very strange for me. Usually I'd feel like crap soon as 20 minutes after I woke up.. Then it didn't become this bad several hours later right at the beginning of the brunch with a friend. It was kinda embarrassing shuttling between the table and toilet during first half of the meal especially when it took over a year to actually get together. Had a good day regardless, though exhausted I anticipated a good night's sleep and a good work day the next day.

But no. I woke up with a full blown sore throat. Thinking it'd pass into a mere dryness during the work day, I had racking coughs.. I crawled home, defeated and into bed Sunday at 2pm. I've been making trips between my bedroom, the couch and tv, and the bathroom. And the kitchen in between.

Two whole days and a half of self imposed exile in my apartment. It's not fun anymore. I still have coughs and occasional temperature fluctuations but nothing else.

I actually watched "Little House on the Prairie: The Continuing Years" on Hallmark channel out of boredom. As a kid I was addicted to the original show, had my hair in pig tails like Laura's. The lovable characters like Nels, that wife of his are reduced to window dressing. We witness the debut of Shannen Doughtery as Almanzo's ("manly" nicknamed by Laura - *gag*) niece.

Caught few of M*A*S*H shows with the original TV cast - before Potter, Hunnicut and Winchester III joined. These guys had their laughs but the last few seasons sucked when Alan Alda took over and changed the show from a into your face war into something moral about the evils of the war.

I'm trying to watch a classic X-Files but my attention span wanders after 20 minutes. I should be up and about cleaning my room but I'm more content being a slug on the couch at the moment.. *cough*hack*


Blogger deafeningchameleon said...

I disagree
Alan Alda made that show!
Mash rules

3/22/2006 1:41 PM  

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