Monday, February 13, 2006

snow snow snow!

old navy's jingle from last year or so..

Now it's a slushy mess. Yesterday it was really pretty to watch from inside especially the thunderstorm. Then I had to trudge outside 7am to work yesterday in the blowing snow and skid around in powdery snow.

today - a huge slushy mess. 300,000 NYC street corners covered with slush. My boots are soaked from two days of stepping uncertainly finding which is solid slush and water slush. Then you have to dodge dog poo that the owners conveniently left unattended in the snowbanks.

Oh there's a bank you can clear with a jump - then notice dog poo - ABORT ABORT!

it's gonna be in 50s on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm envisioning nasty sewers.


Anonymous Netripized said...

breenie, enjoy it while it last.


2/14/2006 3:31 PM  

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