Saturday, February 05, 2005

Vikings, the Irish, and Anglo-Normans, Oh My!

and bush. yes, g.w. bush who, as Niamh informed me is descended from Strongbow some 12th century English knightcumlord who gained Irish lands from King of England as a reward for his loyalty to the true king. Loyalty. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..

After I logged off the blogger, I went to the Waterford Treasures Museum on the Quay of the River Suir. The museum (I got the fee knocked down to 4.50 euro from 7 euro cos the tour is audio only. least there were plenty of legends and readings) boasted a collection of the city's Viking orgin and Anglo-Norman invasions as well as the Irish. There were bits of weapons, jewellry, pottery, shelter that were dug up from evacuations. Learned a bit about the city's history as the competing trading port to Dublin. One of the few cities that saw Catholics and Protestants living together in tolerance.

Returned home and was set for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately after midnight struck my tummy was still on US time, thinking dinner time no matter how many meals I ate. So my rumbling tummy kept me up for most of the night and all places were closed. Oy. I set the alarm for 6 am to catch a 8:30 bus to Dublin from Waterford so I could meet Idalle at the Busaras by noon.

I woke up at 8am. I stuffed everything I owned into my rucksack, made myself somewhat presentable and rushed down to the front desk to check out. As I had paid the deposit months before, the remaining price was 50 euro (I would later check my online account and see that it's $65. Early 2002 when I lived there, the Euro had come into circulation, 87 pc to 1 dollar so 50 euro would be maybe few dollars shy of 50 dollars. that's how weak the dollar is now).

After I checked out and declined breakfast (should've taken it) I took a taxi to Waterford.. killed time by reading the Irish Independent and took the next available bus - 10 am. The Irish and British gov't were pissed at Sinn Fein (political arm of the IRA) for not condemning the IRA's bank heist..The editorial criticized Mary McAleese, the Irish President for not apologizing to the Jewish community on the 60th anniversary of the Auschwitz. She did later. In 1945, the Irish taosieach (prime minister) Eamon de Valera signed the condolences book for Hitler's death. Course, everyone knew that the Germans supported IRA activity while the British were distracted with WW1. De Valera hated the ambassadors from the US and the UK and he did it to spite them. It was personal, not political. Everyone agrees what de Valera did was wrong and it fell on the prez's shoulder to apologize.

I'm rambling. more to come..

Editor's note: I goofed! There was another ruckus that McAleese apologized for, not de Valera. The prez made a comment that Nazi taught children to hate the Jews as the Protestants taught their kids to hate Catholics. She apologized saying that she meant a lesson in history.


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