Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Up Yours, Garfield, some Mondays ain't so bad..

Monday ended well for me - I was a total zombie at work, trying to service a line of clients. Business is picking up now that the holidays are over. I was distracted half the day with news of the birth of nephew #2, Tobias (tobey) and hoping that I would find him and my sis within reasonable time during lunch hour.

After going into the wrong hospital (d'oh!) I bumped into my parents and the inlaws near the proper hospital. I was pretty tense, greeting them with quick hello kisses and mumbling that time is scarce and ran off. I was able to find the proper room, etc. Wow - Tobey is the contrast of his older brother, Aidan. He's sturdily built and has stockier frame as opposed to the long and lean frame of Aidan. Aidan has straight and blond hair while Tobey has curly and (indefinite) dark hair. I was pretty wound up from seeing the actual result of my sis 9 month plus one week pregnancy. I caught up a bit with my sister and her husband before returning to work.

After work, I caught up with two old friends from high school and college. the latter was in town and rung me and the other friend for a last min wannahavedinnerbeforeiflyoffinthemorning thing. Ended up having a jolly good time and had mild consumption of barley and grapes. Reminisces of good times and things current. I barely got up in time for work and now my brain cells are almost perfectly functional.

a nice monday - get bent, garfield..


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