Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Dear Teacher, I'm Sorry I Was Late To Class Because I Gave The Guard Some Lip"

that would've been my excuse as opposed to my special yellow bus being stuck in slush as it tried to back out of a snowy driveway.

You know the infamous security guards and police manning security gates in inner city schools. I've seen a long line of students waiting to get inside the school before the school day begins. I had a meeting at one school earlier today and I was feeling very harrassed. The local train had suddenly changed into express thus missing my stop by 10 or so. I was already late. Once I arrived, I was subject to a search. put my bag through the xray, and it was searched. the guard with a wand, scanned each limb and my torso and I had to have my coat open, not off. It was a little confusing with the communication and all. Then, much to my perplexness, the guard instructed me to put my hands on a table, and before "body search" came to mind, the guard pointed at my platform boots. She waved her wand over them and I gratefully left the premises. the whole thing took under 15 minutes and I was hoping that the interpreter didn't give up and leave. I worked too damn hard for this!


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