Monday, January 10, 2005

example of why the name for this blog came to life.

the usual story i tell to the others: I grew up in the rural area so I usually compare events or things that would've elicited a different response from either rural or urban community.

the reactions, particularly where I grew up in upstate would've been more ambigious or varied now that more and more people are moving out of the cities or the 'burbs thus bringing their lifestyles and beliefs to the rural community. nothing bad about it - few things that would irk me is driving up the property prices that would make farmers and others have difficulty sustaining their meagre economy. on the plus side - bit more educated folks not counting arrogrance they may bring..

anyways. gun control, pro and anti. I ve lived in cities that are rife with crimes from guns. NYC has improved significantly. DC?? no idea. Limerick was known as 'stab city' but now? stories i've heard about guns (rifles) in the rural areas are hunting accidents when one is careless in handling a rifle or one has had too many beers. I know there are some rural violence but I'm not an expert at it.

case in point:
1) I hate going to KMART or most stores cos razors are usually locked up in glass cases to prevent theft. I usually lose patience waiting for authorized person to arrive with the key to open it so I can shave my legs. pharmacies are usually better about it but KMART etc are cheaper. ack.

2) One summer, went to a Wal-Mart with my brother upstate to find some new toys for the back yard (badmintions that sort of thing).. in the same recreation area in the store, I found rifles and bullet cases. No locked cases. I picked up one bullet case for the sake of reality and put it back on the shelf. go figure.


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