Friday, January 21, 2005

where's the time travelling machine when you need it?

I blinked several times and it's January 21st already. All this work to do and I'm leaving for Dublin next Wednesday for a bit of well earned holiday. I should be staying in late today to finish up some work, but I'm too exhausted. The cold weather is the least of my worries but it's exhausting to brace for the cold and nipping of Jack Frost. I'm running out of clean knee length socks and my 'long underwear' is my old JCREW yoga style pants. They still fit under my pants and jeans, thank goodness. Monday, I'll stay late, yes... man I wish I could rewind back to certain dates where I could've finished some damn tasks.. oh well. LEast there'll be a fire under my ass come Monday..

Bush was sworn in as president, again. I was visiting a welfare center. My form of protest, if you will. Four more years of extremism. *sighing* perhaps I shall declare political asylum in Dublin.. my name and a brief residency in 01/02 shall cinch it for me. I'm not short of sponsors..

On a brighter note, I've been reading some novels here and there. On breaks from "Anna Karenina" (good but intense - whoo) I've been reading the Martian chronicles, No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Persepolis and now, "The Other Boyeln". The newest and stunning discovery, is thanks to KR and Char - "The Eyre Affair" with Thursday Next as the main character by Jasper Fforde (i think spelling may be wrong) .. it's a fantastic novel and I was pleased to find that there are 4 books in the Thursday Next series. I've added them to my Amazon wish list and recommendations. Wow. I'm already thinking about the series to read later in the winter (by golly, I surely need to finish "Anna Karenina"!!).

I must get out of my office. It's Friday for chrissakes and I'm getting the willies..



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