Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I am sick! I feared this would happen as I usually get sick with a cold within few days that I stepped on the green shores. Basically dragged my butt around since sunday.

Don't have much time to type - but few highlights:

Waterford Treasures Museum: the viking and anglo-norman past of this city. the kings/queens of england granted waterford charters for being loyal to the crown. course, waterford was one of the primary ports in trade. trade knows no time era.

National Botanic Garden: My friend Idalle lives few blocks away and the gardens are amazing.. not much this time of the year but the greenhouses are a wonder.. orchids, palm trees, etc. took loads of pics.

Guinness Factory: need i say more? Idalle took me to the factory that exhibited the production of barley and hops into beer that we know and love. Had a nice pint (very fresh and smooth) in the Gravity Bar that overlooks the entire city. Not for those who are nervous with heights. interesting note: 1 in 30 dubliners were employed (mid 19th century) at Guinness so that's 3,000 people.. Guiness had their own pension system and medical hopsital. nice!

oop - time's out. I'm meeting Niamh my UL classmate in half hour so I better drag my phelgmy ass across town.

Will write more leisurely once I return to the States.



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