Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Guinness Factory/Storehouse

Now I know why Guinness tastes different here as opposed to Ireland and the UK. During the self-guided tour of the factory, we learnt that the brewers added an ingredient (Fsomething. Only if I actually noted it) to the Guinness brew to preserve it on long transatlantic ship journeys. I guess the only feasible option is to fly to Dublin, go to the nearest Off-Licence (liquor) store and buy batches of canned or bottled Guinness in stock. Pack the Guinness into a hard suitcase labelled "FRAGILE" and fly back to the US.

The factory is a pretty cool place with very artsy and and clever slogans. There's old machines from throughout the years that were used to process and brew the "unique dark ruby coloured beer". Barley and hops were on display with magnifying glass attached to the display to get a better look at the wee barley, and round and hairy hops. I found a TV screen that kept count of how many pints of Guinness is being consumed NOW in all countries in both North and South Americas, Africa, Australasia, and Europe. It's something like 6 million and the numbers were spinning so fast that all I got is a blurry picture on my digital. There s a room full of barrels used to store the brew. 1,000 barrels had to be made each week to match the demand so a good number of carpenters worked for the factory.

You're familiar with "Oh My Goodness, My Guinness!" posters you see in pubs and bars. There is a room exhibiting these posters drawn by an artist named Golby (?). I found the museum very entertaining and Idalle and I ended the tour by eating a late lunch. We had received tokens when we paid our fee, for a free pint of Guinness. There's a bar on top of the storehouse with plexiglas as walls so you can see the city of Dublin. Quotations from Yeats, and other known Irish literature dotted the glass. I enjoyed the pint of Guinness, fresh out of the factory. Very smooth and tasty.

Pictures will be featured in Ofoto once I get around to it.


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