Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Deaf Irish

Monday night: After taking a nap and eating some dinner, I was finally able to see my actual friends other than Idalle. Chris and Sarah came over to Idalle's place to see moi. I met Chris, Sarah, and Idalle during my student days in Limerick and saw them among few other deafies on a monthly basis. I met the general deaf community through them but I only saw bits and snippets here and there as my graduate studies and frequent visits to the pubs on campus consumed most of my free time.

I attended the WFD conference in Montreal in 2003 and through my connections, I met few more (accomplished) Deaf Irish. Brian Crean is part of a Model School of the Deaf project that has come into fruition only couple years ago. Kevin Stanley, another deaf leader spoke about the Deaf Community in Dublin - about meeting the community needs, I think. One of Idalle's housemates is seeking a masters in deaf education and is now working sub teacher hours to meet the requirements to enroll into a program. The housemate is also a co-coordinator for Deaf Irish Youth Exchange Program. She had just organized a week in Latvia for some deaf Irish. She also does graphic design for a deaf Irish online (Ill have to find the link). Im pleased to find there s people that I missed out when I lived in Limerick. And I know there's plenty more..

Damn and I forgot to request asylum when I was in Dublin...


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