Friday, June 02, 2006


Last night's storm was the most intense I've ever seen (and been in!) here in New York. I escaped the beginning of fat drops of rain as I stepped into the train.

When I proceeded to exit the subway station some time later, I saw few very soaked people coming in. I looked up at the stairs leading outside. Good lord - the rain water was cascading down the steps like a waterfall!!! very surreal. So much for my hope of a short and freak storm.

I used my blazer as a shield but it quickly proved to be ineffective. I found shelter under a large awning attached to Time and Life Inc building and decided to wait it out. Lightning was flashing against the fog and the reflection hurt my eyes. Imagine turning your car lights into a fog on high. Out in the country I can normally hear the rolling and crashing of thunder but here in NYC it was LOUD. Normally the city would be a buffer and you don't really hear it, but damn - it was like standing next to an express train roaring past by. The rain became lighter but lightning and thunder remained intense. As I walked on west 50 I happened to look up in the sky and saw a long and gorgeous lightning bolt flash down from top to bottom. Perhaps it hit the river? The rain downpour increased and my stylish sandals from urban outfitters was soaked and hurting my feet. Now the dye is seeped into my feet and I look like I have brown bruises.

When I got off the bus ( I chased a bus, slipping in my soaked sandals) nearby home, the reflections off the fog was much worse, probably because I was very close to the river. A couple of times I thought someone was flashing a flashlight directly into my eyes but it was actually from lightning. jeez.

It's fun when you're out in the country because you know the fuse would blow and you'd enjoy the oil lamps and candles with lightning occasionally brightening the rooms.. But it's not fun in the city with all the obstacles.


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