Thursday, June 29, 2006

Report from Mom in Beleaguered Upstate

Gilboa Dam held yesterday and flooding has been minor, but Cobleskill Creek flooded closing to of the three roads into Cobleskill. It took me 45 minutes yesterday to get from the house to the Cobleskill office. Richmondville is flooded and had a mudslide. They were rescuing people by pontoon boat.
The Mohawk has flooded - Fonda and Canajoharie have a couple of feet of water in the streets, 170 miles of the Thruway from Schenectady to Syracuse have been closed since noon yesterday and are still closed, and I-88 is closed because of heavy water and debris on the road. Down towards Binghamton an I-88 bridge collapsed sending two tractor trailers and their drivers into the river. Schoharie and Montgomery have "no unnecessary travel" restrictions - I need to go to Amsterdam and Albany today. I can get to Albany on Route 20, but I'm not sure I can get across the Mohawk to Amsterdam. Crazy, huh? And we're getting more rain today!


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