Saturday, June 10, 2006

Brain exercise

Since I completed my graduate education in 2002, my brain has atrophied from lack of academic discipline. Over the years, I had an on line class here and there and doing MET lectures since 2004 keeps me on my toes. But in the long run, the MET happens every several months and due to my 60-100 work hours a week, I'm too exhausted to research. I'd be watching TV (since roomie ordered HBO I'm hooked on TV again! ack ack) or sleeping. And if I'm lucky, reading. One or two days before my MET tour, I cram on research materials I'd collected over time. I give a semi brilliant tour depending on the audience. My last lecture in May, I was so tired that I wanted to get it over with. I ended up giving one of the best tours in the last two years. Go figure.

Shopping became one of my stress relievers (again) so I'm looking fabulous and broke (including $200 I've spent on Urban Outfitters in the last two months), this is the time to use my brain and broadband that I'm paying for. I guess the kicker was on Friday I spent $50 at American Apparel a very 80s triangle bikini set that can fall apart if you pull one of the strings. So this summer will be a combo of brains and beauty in a way. In addition - I 'bumped' into someone on line. Apparently my IM screen name ended up on his buddy list so he was wondering who I was. We spent an hour and half discussing Latin American politics and US immigration. All this stuff that's been lying dormant in my head poured out. I'm like Rogue from X-Men who thrives on others intelligence when I'm all atrophied. I need exercise! I will start with getting an audit at the MET. Onward!


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