Monday, January 09, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Mid Season 2

Saw first 11 minutes of tonight's encore show so far... How did I get by the last few months without "Battlestar"??? It's a breath of fresh air. I'm intoxicated. *swoon*

kickass story and characters. no disappointments. *eyes misting over*

additional note:

Adama and Cain - you could see the rift at the end of first half of season 2 once their ideological and tactical approach in the war with the Cylons were obvious. Earlier, Adama put President Rosyln and his own son captain Adama under house arrest when the president (who was suffering from messiah delusion induced by cancer) and Lee Adama tried to stage a coup. Naturally, Adama and the president eventually found reasoning and things resumed as usual. It took a while for Adama and Lee to reconcile.

Admiral Cain whose fleet was missing since the Cylon attack had re appeared. Over time it became evident that Cain was ruthless and made harsh decisions in the name of war. One of the most shocking moments of the series where they visited each other's Cylon (clone) prisoners - for Galactica, Sharon and for Cain's fleet - a copy of Number Six (Gaius' imaginary girlfriend), Gina. The two Sharons had established relationships with Tyrol and Helo (the first Sharon was a sleeper who attacked Adama and was killed in her efforts) and since she cooperated (after some initial suspicion and harassment by the crew) Sharon provided useful information about the Cylons. She had clothes and a comfortable prison cell and received limited visits. Gaius, the scientist who worked with Sharon, was stunned to see Gina when he visited her cell in Cain's ship. She was nearly naked, very scarred and bruised, and wore an iron collar chained to the cement floor. Gina suffered from extreme trauma and appeared catatonic.

Cain decided that the personnel were to be reassigned and switched some crew members. Cain's men bragged to Helo and Tyrol about taking turns having a go on Gina and once Tyrol and Helo discovered that Cain's XO usually participated in torture and was due to visit, they ran off to look for her. They found XO with his pants down and Sharon restrained by troops. They threw him off her and the XO had the misfortune of hitting his head into a screw bolt on the wall. The XO died instantly and Cain ordered immediate executions of two men. Commander Adama tried to interfere as he knew they were trying to help Sharon and he opposed Cain's methods to extract information from prisoners. Cain turned a deaf ear at Adama's protests and said it must be done. It was the cliffhanger last fall and now I got to see what happened once the series returned to start the second half of the season. Hot Damn!

Cain - when I first saw her, I was elated. A no-nonsense Admiral who happened to be a woman. Both men and women soldiers called their female superiors (including Starbucks) 'sir'. Not 'ma'am' or 'miss'. Now at last Friday's mid season premiere and Monday night's encore we discover that there is more about Cain than meets the eye. She has the similar mantra like Bush and Cheney, most especially about torture and soldiers - "We are at war" and an unapologetically "collateral damage".

I love this show!!!


Anonymous Netripized said...

rock on! -Another BG fan

1/10/2006 3:54 PM  
Blogger Mr. H.K. said...

I LOVE this show, too!


Mr. H.K.
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1/11/2006 5:58 PM  
Blogger LARRY said...

I was surprised too that BG is back...and I didn't see any commercials saying otherwise but it sure made my day!

...and I was like, damn, about Adama and Cain plotting against each's gonna be a good season!

1/12/2006 12:01 PM  
Anonymous Netripized said...

it was not the XO, but a chief who tried bang sharon.

1/16/2006 2:10 PM  

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