Monday, January 30, 2006

More of 'em..

yeah yeah still doing movies here... serious vegging but all good.. lessee.

Saw "Lemony Snicket" - haven't read the books yet. Many Harry Potter fans read Lemony to fill in time between HP releases. The next HP book and the last is due out next year. According to the author JK Rowling's diary, her kids do quite take up her time.... Anyways, back to the movie.. I like the editing and background but the famous actors were too distracting (meryl streep, dustin hoffman to name a few). Only ones I really like were that guy from Monty Python (not john cleese - not eric idle..damn!) and james carrey acceptable as Lemony. I hated him as the Grinch.

Battlestar Galactica - once again human nature dominates. Black market versus attempted utopia/democracy. Some things you can turn a blind eye on whereas the other eye is always checking in ensuring the black market is under the radar and nobody gets too greedy. Saw sneak peek for this Friday's episode.. Starbuck and Helo are back. yay!

Nearly finished with "Lilith's Brood".. On the last book now, Imago. It's pretty addictive - it's nice in small doses in comparison with HP when you want it all NOW. You're up all night trying to squeeze in with 'one more chapter' with a bleary eye getting all the details in - what is snape up to? What kind of cuddly monster has hagrid gotten tangled up with? What's petunia doing retaining all the knowledge after so many years repressing it? Is she the Secret Keeper? etc etc etc etc etc. It can be exhausting and Lilith's Brood is nice and comfortable.

I have "Dark Crystal" up next.. Haven't seen it since I was a kid.. Might be a shock after quite few years with ultra smooth CGI (shrek) and crappy CGI (the start wars trilogy prequels). A batch of oldies will be coming in soon.. I was in a particular mood when I chose the movies on Netflix (labyrinth, pollyana, puff the magic dragon, the neverending story)...

Henson, we miss you!


Blogger Joseph Rainmound said...

did i ever tell you i wrote my college dissertation on different kinds of families in science fiction? Butler's books were my main focus.

2/02/2006 8:55 PM  
Blogger breenie said...

I think you did but withheld details til I finished the book.

Which I did, over the weekend. Will email you to discuss over a pint..

2/05/2006 8:40 PM  

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