Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I woke up at 8:45 AM and immediately sprang out of bed and into the shower. I could still feel the residual effects from celebrating the previous evening. I checked my pager for emails and found one from Carm quarter to 3 am asking to page her once I reached home. I sent her a quick reply that I'm alive and well.

I had a doctor's appointment on the other side of island and a dentist not long afterwards. I couldn't find my eyeglasses so I put the contacts on - realized they were on wrong eyes. I quickly check the TV news for today's weather forecast. 80! I'd forgotten to pick up laundry and tore through my closet and dresser for weather/work appropriate clothes that are clean. After I'd dressed I realized I'm wearing a black bra under a white shirt - fk it. no time. I donned my denim jacket. I happened to look down and found my glasses squished between the rug and the threshold. I placed it in a more safe setting. Greeted good morning to Sleepy Sarah and flew out of the apartment. As the cab weaved through midtown traffic I fought down ickness and was amped hoping to make it to appointment on time. I was bit late to both appointments (not to mention an unpleasant dentist visit) and finally was able to have time to get coffee before I went to my agency's main office. I treated myself to Starbucks' overly expensive latte (Coffee Pot and Push Cafe make better lattes at lower prices) and felt much better. I eventually arrived at my office and wolfed down leftover lo mein. Yum!

Gabe has been hosting 8 folks from the UK for nearly a week now and one of them celebrated his birthday (actually half the group had birthdays and decided to fly to US to celebrate) and I was happy for some Brit drinking friendly buddies. The evening went well with both NYCers and Britons. Hell, Ahmed, Melly and I did better job with US/UK relations than Bush and Blair. I barely made it home. I hardly remember entering my apartment and immediately puked (not a shot person) once I sat on bed. I grabbed my trash bin to finish up and next thing I know I'm waking up at 8 45 am. I'm still lethargic but it was a very good kind of drinking and hangover. It's good for cleansing the soul of toxins.. The other good soul cleansing is minding dogs :).


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