Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri - RIP

Terri Schiavo is finally released from indignity of life and death. I don't give a flying fig about battles between her family and husband. The role of state changes things, naturally. Family goes to court to have Terri's tube reinserted. County level, state level, and federal district court. Florida legislation and the governor gets sucked into the drama. Life protestors and those siding with the husband increases its ranks, leading to shouting matches outside the hospice and courts. Legislation struggles and defeats the parents' efforts to get tube re inserted. Angry people proclaiming to be proper Christians send hate/death mail to those who voted against Terri. Governor Bush tries to put Terri under state custody to insure that she has the feeding tube on. That gets knocked down by courts.

Governor Bush pleads to brother President Bush and US Congress for help. Bush and Congress drop their daily routines. But again, it is defeated. Ping Pong anyone? Demonstrations outside the hospice on Easter Sunday. Family asks them to go home and spend the Easter Sunday with their families. Most of the demonstrators defy the family's request to take a rest stubbornly wear LIFE taped on their mouths for the rest of the day. Appeal courts reject family's claims to protect Terri. Family exhausted all possible legal venues shortly before Terri died.

228 years ago, the people living in the colonial 13 states, the federalists, founders, etc would've been aghast at the idea of government intervening willingly into a private life and situation. The legislature or the governor would've been tarred and feathered. Not a pretty sight.

Yes 2005 isn't 18th century. We are in the age where politicians, most particularly right to life conservatives, seize any opportunity to advocate their agenda. There is a cartoon with the Capitol Building where the Congress convenes, is hooked into an I.V. bag labelled "POLITICS".

Politicians, most whom create/enforce/repeal policy, have altered Medicare funding to save money. Those who are in the same situation as the Schavios were, want to be on life support receive the same support the Schiavo family had? Politicians regardless of their political and social affiliation can't renege forever. Politicians never learn from 200 years of progress and mistakes.

I'll have to make a living will. Soon. Make it so iron clad that a politician can't touch it. This is an age of uncertainty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha!--i just read this post! living will is on my blog (hehe) and you get some stuff. muha!

4/03/2005 2:35 PM  

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