Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I envy people who do not eat breakfast. Some people say it's for dieting while for others, their stomachs aren't the breakfast kind. They'd get sick or have no appetite whatsoever. Lucky bastards.

For me, I *need* breakfast or I'd get sick and weak. Depleted energy. Gas up in the morning and ya good to go. I'm terribly lazy when it comes to cooking breakfast during the work week. Earliest time I can wake for work is 6:30 but that is rare.. I'd hit the snooze until 7 or 7 15 and leave for work by 8:15. Not a lot of time, to shower, cook, and watch TV for today's weather.

I hate spending $$$$ on chocolate crossiant at a local shop or a sugar donut at a chinese bakery. And coffee too. I'd eat at work but that's delayed energy.

Sometimes I'd have yogurt with sausage links or hot oatmeal and have a snack later before lunch. Not filling. Experimented with eggs. Scrambled eggs is too much work cos you got to scrape the flakes off the pan and wash the pan, and the bowl where you mixed the eggs, milk and cheese. So yesterday I tried fried eggs. I slapped the fried eggs between two slices of oat bread, a dash of salt and pepper. Some of the yolk would drip into the dish and you'd use the bread to swipe the remaining yolk and eat it. Delicious. I had no snack cravings until lunch.
Did the same thing today. I know eventually I'll get sick of fried eggs and bread. Least there are breakfast that's easy to prepare...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't get me wrong, i LOVE breakfast, but i'm just too lazy to get up for b'fast. habits died hard from gallaudet ... the cafe always close for breakfast before or around when i wake up, so i just learned how to deal without breakfast, and sleep became a priority. lately my lunch and dinner sked is much more stable after two years of work n school, ugh, so next target is breakfast. ;-) baby steps! And I find crepes easy to make and delicious ... ask me for info/recipe!


3/03/2005 6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gotta eat breakfast to feed my brain. ;o) Maybe grab some granola or breakfast bars? Toast some bagel and spread some cream cheese or jelly/jam on your way out. Banana or an apple to give u energy for the day. =)


3/03/2005 11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wait, make some yummy muffin during the evening so u can have some every morning. Freeze the rest and pop them in the microwave to heat it up.


3/03/2005 11:54 AM  
Blogger breenie said...

I have a muffin mix waiting for me..thanks for the reminder, cmk!

i really need to get a damn toaster.. i hate using the oven as a toaster (!!).

looking forward to the crepe recipe, char! i used to make crepes with bananas apples and dunk them in maple syrup. *urp* i hear my dentist trying to object..

3/03/2005 1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodness sake! Talking about food, making my mouth watering! Thanks a lot! ;o)

Oh, another suggestion...drink yogurt/smoothie. It does your body good! ;o)


3/04/2005 5:15 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Hey CMK. Good suggestion... I've been blending some concoction of bananas and milk in the morning and seeing that my roomies don't use the blender very often, I just rinse it very well and leave it to drip dry. Plus I also find that the smoothy keeps me awaaaake until lunch time when I'm craving food.

3/08/2005 1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah--i actually make fried egg sandwiches often these days. you'd be surprised--i sometimes cook two eggs and i always have cheese on my fried egg sandwiches, yet i lost 30 pounds! it's cheap, economical, and healthy enough.

smoothies are also good to make, yeah--and for a delicious-yet-easy muffin mix, try krusteaz's cranberry orange muffins.

3/10/2005 8:45 PM  

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