Friday, February 11, 2005

Man in the Subway

I took a downtown train yesterday and I was in the mood to let my mind wander and observe the riders. One particular rider attracted my attention because of his clothing and abundant moustache. He was reading a magazine with very scrutinized expression on his face that he did not notice that I was observing him. His appearance was very intriguing and I was trying to place his origin. He wore dark blue denim jeans, shoes (with seam going around one long loop - I canna remember the particular brand) , a thick blazer over a dark blue or back shirt - fine sweater or sweat shirt. I could see that he had on a red and white striped buttondown shirt from his cuffs and collar that peeked out of the black scarf. He had stuffed his scarf inside his sweater and wore a black knit hat. His mustache was groomed in a style that probably went out in the 60's. Or the Wild West even. Light brown, blondish over his mouth and the both ends curled outwards in the old fashion. He wore octagonal shaped spectacles.

I had him pegged as some bohemian from Central Europe. Or he could be a history interpreter at one of those live/outdoor museums. I've been in subway car filled with an array of people of different appearances, nationals, tourists and the like. But this one stuck out in recent memory.


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