Sunday, December 03, 2006

human beings in penguin tuxedos

I saw "Happy Feet" today, and circumstances I was in - I did not see it with captions. I spent an hour and 45 minutes, figuring out my own storyline. The CGI is pretty wild an they cleverly used live action cast (i.e. aquarium).

What spooked me out the most, is the penguins, especially females (hollywood, people hollywood) had very very human traits, when it came to dance and hip hop. Some of their body structures are very human like - the leading females were very slender and had prominent bosoms and one overweight male penguin had man boobs. I'm content with penguins in Mary Poppins movie. The ones that danced with Dick Van Dyke.

In animal themed movies - the villains are usually predators such as a wolf, bear, big cats, or big snakes. In "Happy Feet" all the animals are marine ones. This time around instead of a shark, the villains were the leopard seal, a certain type of sea gull, and killer whales. It took a while getting used to the brand of villains; the leopard seal, their movements and teeth looked really menacing. The animators try to impress viewers with how real mottling penguin fur looks, the scars on killer whales (obviously from being hit by ships or boats) that's cool but one part where I totally drew the line: Elephant seals - an old one with very rheumy and leaky eyes and nose, he or she was sucking its trunk in its mouth. I guess my knowledge related to marine animals is limited. I actually recoiled from disgust.

Oh, oh. Saw a brief trailer of......... Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix *squeal*. Helena Bonham Carter looked cool as Bellatrix LeStrange and Imelda Saunton as Umbridge. *simpers*


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