Friday, October 20, 2006

The Pendulum Pit

That is it. After months of hemming and hawing about the protest and JKF since springtime I've made my stance. I was recently swayed with the arrests last week and the growing momentum... Writers on Deaf DC blog made excellent points on both sides (or multifaceted sides) of this whole shebang. Then College Hall was occupied by students and supporters for an hour the other day.

I'm very loath to put JKF in the same category as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Bill Clinton among a number of leaders who made unpopular decisions only to pay off at the end, and praised by history for actions they took. And I will not haste to put her on the same level as George Bush.

If JKF stays on and takes the post as President and her actions is similar to Bush's track (as governor in Texas and intimidation and embracing stupidity as prez) then we can make her accountable for decisions she made as President.

See you in five years.

Additional note: after reading Joseph Raimound ( whose input I highly value, I now sway back again and say she must go. What happened to Umbridge in the Forbidden Forest that made her shut up? Need to find our equivalent....


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