Wednesday, November 08, 2006

note from a passive voter

I didn't vote yesterday - a first in a few years. I had faith that other voters would come out and do the right stuff. that they did - see, I'm relying on news reports instead of actual research cos I have no effing time. Hillary's still our Junior Senator and Spitzer the Corporate Basher is now our Governor. South Dakota, Oregon, and California voted not to restrict abortion laws that would've banned it altogether. Very close margins, whew.

Nancy Pelosi from California is the majority speaker of House of Representatives I believe. A few years back when she was briefly majority leader, she was just, well, strange. I'll follow up with her.

12 years after Newt's Revolution, the House is back in balance. See-see about Senate. This time around, the democrats better grow a backbone and stand up to Bush II. Russ Feingold from Wisconsin is probably the only politician to stick to the principles and not waver to popular wave. I like Hillary but she got to stop using her husband's tactics to go centre-right. Everyone is doing it nowadays. The more you muddle the more confused the others are.

Virginia and Montana, hurry up with the vote count.

It's nice - after four years, things on the political horizon look hopeful and not so... depressingly narrow minded.

One comment on international news: Saddam is sentenced to hang. Yes, he was one cruel leader who did terrible things to his people and enemies but would the death sentence improve the sectarian strife in Iraq? He'd be a martyr - better let him wear black and white striped outfit and break rocks the rest of his life.


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