Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some notes

I goofed on couple things from the previous post about New Netherlands.

Dutch West Indies Company - not East.

South River became later known as Susequanna (will edit spelling later) River in PA/MD. The first director of New Netherlands who was outsed by some disagreements with some people in the city, and fled to Sweden. Years later, he headed a fleet from Sweden to found a colony - New Sweden I think in area now known as Maryland.

I feel like Cap'n Jack Sparrow.. My work hours have been long and sleep schedule bit skewed. And to factor in this heat wave. I wake up in the morning and once I get out of bed, my legs wobble independently of each other and I spew nonsense for next several hours.

Speaking of Jack Sparrow - I caught the new installment of Pirates the other night. Fan fucking tasitc.. More character indepth and lots of inane and zany stuff. 3/4 of the movie you're going like "WTF?" and giggle, and so on. I look forward to the next and last Pirates movie coming out later in the fall. Ending was great - Ooooo!

Will catch Superman at the end of this month, finally at Lincoln Center.. been ages since I was there last and would be a great rare opportunity to socialize with deafies before and after. You can count on running into old faces.

Dutch East Indies is portrayed in the movie (Pirates) as evil. Kind of like the Nazis and the Ark in the first Indy Jones movie. So I'm very interested in what they have to say in the upcoming movie.


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