Sunday, October 23, 2005

Barley and hops - whee!

An intense rehearsal and a mild hangover don't mix. If I had no rehearsal, I'd just sleep it off and be out and about before noon time.

I'm feeling A-OK when I arrived to rehearsal at10 am this morning.. head bit sore and tender stomach.. Within an hour I'm barely hanging in there... limited energy, brain cells hardly regenerated. If I try to review lines - that hurt. If I act out the lines, it doesn't hurt..

And there's a lot of yelling in the show. A few heated arguments amongst some characters. I'm wearing hearing aids so I can stay with my co-player as she speaks the lines..yes yes I'm cheating, but it ain't 100 percent deaf theatre and some actors are unaccustomed working with deaf actors. It's less stressful that way. Anyway the moment a loud syllable is shouted, I'm like, jeez do you have to be so loud? There were couple instances where I thought my head would go into pieces..

Was thinking the last time I came to rehearsal with a hangover... It was senior prom and one actor and I barely made it back to DC from Maryland. It was my first booze party and I don't remember how I survived rehearsal.. Maybe better things are left forgotten..


Anonymous Josh said...

Was this the Vietnam play? If so, I saw it and liked it.

Interesting blog, more interesting than the shoegazer-rock "City vs. Country" song that led me to it.

7/10/2006 8:02 AM  

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