Monday, September 26, 2005

Road Trip

I-70/76 the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Not a funny business.. It's like the taconic parkway (Rt 9 between Albany and NYC - autos only, no trucks) WITH trucks allowed. Apparently the intersection is popular for truckers as a route linking the Midwest to the Northeast. A large number of 18 wheeler trucks careening through narrow highways. A white knuckle driving for me, driving this small U-Haul truck. So many tunnels through mountains. My driving skills and wits were sharpened so I had no problems navigating NYC, being brash with NYC drivers. I had an opportunity or two to yell "Fucking Idiots!!".. I feel complete as a NYCer now. Driving in New Jersey is a real bitch when you're trying to access the city.. A friend told me once that a typical New York driver would yell and howl in frustration, banging a fist on the steering wheel - across the damn river from the city and the labyrinth like routes and confusing exits. So I'm officially a New Yorker. Wahoo!

Thanks to Beth for being the perfect map reader and Navigator. It's our second collaboration so I highly recommend Beth as the second man in road planning. Fees negotiable.

In 2003, the alert thingy set up by Homeland Security affected one of my UHaul experiences... An electronic billboard informed that the level was red so trucks and vans had no tunnel access and very limited bridge choices. So keeping that in mind over the weekend, I was wary of using the Holland Tunnel.. I saw no notices and since the tunnel was closer to our destination than Lincoln, I opted for Holland. After quite some time waiting in traffic, we were denied entry and was instructed to take the 1&9 to Lincoln. So we turned around and went through the underbelly of NJ... Crappy highways and buildings set close to the streets. After a nearly couple misses, we found the exits to Lincoln and granted access.. Then fought through the traffic getting through the Lincoln OUT of NYC..Fortunately, the traffic was only 4 blocks long and I knew the area, I knew what to do and got out of traffic in a short time. *Superman theme* dah, dah, dah!

I'm up for another Road Trip. Anybody?


Anonymous Christine said...

WOW! My dad is driving HUGE uhaul truck down to Florida from Michigan. He is traveling on I-75. Hope he gets through ok. You are ready for another road trip?!?

9/26/2005 11:48 PM  
Blogger Ridor said...



10/01/2005 9:20 PM  

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