Sunday, October 02, 2005

Commander In Chief

A wonderful, wonderful show. I caught the encore last night since I missed it last Tuesday.. A no nonsense vice president who becomes the first woman president and Independent president of the US upon the death of a popular president..

Mackenzie Allen informed the House Speaker (Donald Sutherland at his Asshole best) of her refusal to resign to make way for the Speaker to become President - they were alone in a room and he confronted her saying (quoted loosely) "Why do you want to be President - you want power don't you?" Allen responded that she can lead the nation and didn't care about the power. The Speaker sneered telling her that people who said they do not believe in power really do not know how to use it. He argued over other factors (woman leader of the free world? Islam countries wouldn't work with you - she responded that it's their problem not hers)..

Some officials and staff were perplexed in working with a female president and a male first lady.. or First Man? The widowed first lady's chief of staff kept making snide remarks about Hillary Clinton's office.. snippets: "Mrs Clinton moved her office to the West Wing. That didn't go over well" "Do you need a staff of 20? Mrs Clinton had a staff of over 20. That didn't go over well" "First Lady typically arranges for Menu." (the chef asked the First Man what salad dressing does Madame President like? He shrugged). "When Mrs Clinton didn't do the White House Menu, that didn't go over well".

The show was very absorbing and once I looked at the cable clock it was 39 minutes past the hour. Dang.

commercials were noticeably different - for instance, a birth control commercial.

ABC TUESDAY NIGHTS at 9pm/8 central.


Blogger Wildstarryskies said...

I loved the show! I got teary when she was sweared in, and when she addressed Congress. I think it'll be a terrific show. Too many commericals, but I think that will improve. I bet the running price for commercials were really low and so they had to over do it. But you and i Know the price of those commericals, air time just went way up, so let's hope there are less commercials!


10/02/2005 2:40 PM  
Anonymous Netripized said...

I'm one of the viewer of this show. I adore it so much. I'm glad this is something going on in our tv.

10/19/2005 2:41 PM  

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