Thursday, October 20, 2005

Miers Rant # 2

Can someone wake me up and tell me this is all a bad dream? It's sacrilegious - it's high office for losers.. like we didn't all know.

229 years later, meritocracy still does not thrive. Survival of the fittest. And our esteemed leaders scold dictators for being bad to their people? Only when things do not go our way. Of course we were all buddy-buddy with the likes of Saddam 20 odd years ago. Most of those leaders are our puppets, chosen to spread democracy.. A whole new "sphere of influence". The lot ought to take a good look at themselves in the mirror under a harsh light, for instance at the Old Navy where you shriek in horror when you notice cellulite that seem to appear after you left the Gap (where the softer lightning is).

A Holier Than Thou Messiah President, Bush made recent his blatant appointments .. Clinton was normal - he chased women as a proper person of power would do (hell I'd have volumes of black books when mood strikes) and he put his own cronies in power for better intentions than this.. this.. thing would ever do in his many lifetimes..

When Bush II's yes-men released that 1989 (was it?) form where she notced boxes signifying that abortion is a no-no; naturally it caused an uproar.. Miers met with key senators and she told some of them to not to read too much into the past as changes do happen (did Bush knock her up after all?) . Whenever I think, "man Bush went this low".. I can't seem to remember whenever I thought Bush is lower than a snake's belly.. An inexperienced corporate lawyer chosen to interpret the US constitution and to uphold it? I know I will be sick to my stomach if Senate approves her. Least some conservatives know their limits that Bush has gone too far..

November 7... *twilight zone*


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