Sunday, June 05, 2005

Nixon Was Felt Up

Leave Felt alone. The tragically brilliant Nixon had a whole arm in the FBI office (where it doesn't belong), manipulating information and twisting necks. If it wasn't for Felt, the ordinary Americans would still believe in sanctity of the Oval Office for a while longer.

It was pivotal time in the history of American Presidency. With the explosion of the more educated middle class after the Second World War, the government's intentions for social good and maintaining the Cold War Containment were beginning to be questioned more loudly and wide. Vietnam War destroyed JFK and LBJ's credibility with the constituents.

Felt outed Nixon. The government subsequently tightened control over the people who work for them. Reagan and Bush I for Iran-Contra affair, and Bush II with altering evidence for their goals. They are accountable for their actions yet since Watergate, leaders are less found to be accountable and remain in office with few slaps on their wrists. I.E.: DeLay. Why is he still the Majority leader with all those ethical stuff he's done with his family? Is he still in the Majority office? For example Bhutto of Pakistan got booted out of her prime minister's office for favoring family members for top government posts.

Less accountability + remaining in office = political stability.

Accountability + ouster from office = political instability.

Oliver Stone's "Nixon". Nixon speaks with young people who are protesting in front of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

Nixon displays his helplessness that he cannot change the system and the woman says, "you sound like you're talking about a monster. Is the system (government institution) the monster you cannot control"? (loose quotation)

If it had not been for people like Felt, the system would go on, supporting the likes of Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush, their abuses of power go even farther. And we have enough with our bills, jobs, laundry, changing the kitty litter; everyday worries.

We need (genuine) people like Felt and the FBI agent in Minnesota who tried to alert her superiors about men learning to fly, not landing planes.. Whatshisname who exposed the tobacco industry.. to keep the government and corporation power and greed in check. They should be revered. A Hall could be dedicated to OUR heroes (turncoats to gov't and corps). Could the laws protect them from the government's wrath?

I am sure there are many many people out there, burdened with some awful knowledge of their office's activities and cannot expose them out of fear of ramifications, recriminations... Something has to be worth exposing for the public good. There's always system abuse big and small.

I think Adams or Madison said: "If men were angels, we wouldn't need the government". Unfortunately, men ARE the government... I take comfort in knowing this. *cringe*


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Well said, m'dear.


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