Monday, August 29, 2005

Pop music

OMG - serious case flashbacks. I browsed through a friend's CD book recently and discovered Paula Abdul's collection of greatest hits.. Forever Your Girl, Straight Up, Cold Hearted Snake, Opposite Attract. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed her songs.. Same goes for Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation 1814" I later bought a couple more of her CDs but they weren't as good as Rhythm Nation. I still have tape cassettes but they're somewhere collecting dust in storage for quite some time now...

I "amazoned" the daddy - not granddaddy - of pop boy band groups, the New Kids on the Block and their CDs still exist. Yes, I admit I was one of those teens who went nuts over them. Sarah Pack and I attended one concert in Saratoga Springs (yep the one where Donnie Wahlberg fell through the trap door doing that infamous leap at the end of "Hangin' Tough") and we were like 15 rows closer to NKOTB than other 50,000 fans. My mom was our chaperone and my grateful dad gave her a cherry side table as a gift. Unfortunately, when my brother came of age Dad got stuck going to a Nine Inch Nails concert. Anyways, much to my family's amusement, I plastered my bedroom including ceiling and part of the floor with pin ups. I used toothpaste and to this day, there are remnants of the paste that I hadn't gotten off. There are too many to bother with... Man that was when - 15 years ago. Gack! My poor brother was assigned the task of writing down the lyrics so I could follow. THAT was before the Internet you young'uns! *humming bars to "The Right Stuff"* I can still remember snatches of some lyrics..

Fortunately, once I lost interest in NKOTB, I was forever cured of boy band or any kind of the obsession. When the boy bands became popular again in late 90s (n'sync, backstreet boys) I actually had flash backs of NKOTB if I flipped through MTV or VH1 where a video of BB or N'Sync is playing. Ooh. Not something I'd like to repeat. For old times sake I might order Paula, Janet and.. NKOTB.. Probably their Hanging Tough or yes, they have one, a collection of their hits. Hanging Tough, Please Don't Go, Cover Girl and Whatcha Gonna Do About It are foot tappers, still.. Need to find Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and Van Halen also... No, not Tiffany or Debbie Gibson.. Speaking of which, I happened to walk by a club a week ago in TriBeCa and spotted a poster promo of Tiffany for a 80s night.

Any embarrassing/favorite 80s bands or singers?


Anonymous Christine said...

I used to go nuts over NKOTB even tho I NEVER listen to their music. I was in middle school (mainstream school) where all girls went nuts. I had poster, and HUGE pin of all of them in it. :-P Pathetic!! I thought it was normal at that time since that was my "pre-Deaf world" life.

8/30/2005 7:08 PM  
Blogger Wildstarryskies said...

Heh. I still have the tape. Remember those thingys b4 CD's. LOL. I play it in my car since I have no CD player for the car. Getting a CD player is on my xmas list, tho. I MISS playing my Madonna Immaculate Collection CD.

8/31/2005 9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

billy idol can idolize me any day, naked. he's still hot!

9/01/2005 4:13 PM  

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