Monday, July 07, 2008

I've been terrible - I've no excuse to slack off on blogging now that I've more time on my hands and nothing confidential to hinder me from telling interesting stories.

Summer is going very well that I'm terribly looking forward to this fall when I relocate to DeeCee. It's been eights years since I left the city. I'll be in DC for the fall term then somewhere overseas for spring then I'm done with the MA. The overseas portion of my program is probably the most stressful as well as poignant because it's supposed to be my stepping stone into my International Development career. Still few more overseas programs to wade through.

I've been having a proper summer so far - I don't remember the last time, when I had more freedom to choose what to do. I'm a student again and is using this summer (and possibly the last one for quite some time) to do whatever I want outside of few hours of work a day. Swim. Bike. Read tons of books. Taking naps indoors and outdoors. First stab at weeding and gardening. Watch movies and movies and FireFly. Go camping later this month in Maine. The Hamptons later this week with my ultimate favorite: outdoor showering. Second favoriest: a picnic and drinking wine on the beach. I'm slowly working on my old bedroom - removing old wallpaper, fishing out old painting canvas to hang in my room (they used to hang around the house before my mom stored them to make room for additional paintings and pictures).

To enjoy them more, I better get some internship and pre-fall planning out of the way this morning.


Blogger JR said...

Gah, no blogging since July? Miss reading you!

8/22/2008 10:24 PM  

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