Tuesday, January 22, 2008

random stuff

It's snowing again, whee! It's difficult to enjoy snow when you're living in cities like DC and New York. You really appreciate nature again - blankets of snow on the ground as well as the valley, and tree branches covered in snow.

One year from today - Hillary or Barack residing at the White House (If Republican again, I accept McCain.. grudgingly..)

Ten years ago last Saturday - I was unaware of Monicagate because I wasn't following the news for two days. I called the White House to inquire after information about interning there. I couldn't understand why the woman on the other line was so confused with my interest (they did send me an application package) . Once I got home with take out dinner - I turned on the TV. Boy, was I mortified. Ten years sure flew by.. the other night, Dad and I caught "Primary Colors" on cable. It just occurred to me to think about "War Room" - good way to see how the campaign works and boundaries a human being with or without a conscience can do.

my rant today - why, WHY was the federal rate cut again?! this time, three-quarters a very deep cut. Bernanke is a slap happy cutter - and our money is much more worthless. Sooner or later, we'd end up like Argentina.


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